Texas Society of
Medical Assistants
affiliated with the AAMA (American Association of Medical Assistants)

Resources from AAMA
AAMA IS PROUD of their growth on their website.  Log on to WWW.AAMA-NTL.ORG to see all the changes! 
They have updated several sections and brought back some of the most requested resources (i.e. How to Run an Effective Meeting, Chapter Guidelines, etc).  They have also added a section for free resources for state and chapters to assist with organizing meetings and education.

Check out the American Association of Medical Assistants Website!!!

National AAMA Website 
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TSMA Support

Forms to help:
Officer Election Form MUST be completed by every candidate and turned in to Nominations Committee (nominations@mytsma.org) as stated in the By-Laws by Noon on the day of the Pre-Conference Meeting of Annual Conference

Nomination for TSMA Delegate MUST be completed by every candidate and turned in to Nominations Committee no later than NOON ANNUAL PRE-CONFERENCE MEETING

TSMA Consent to Serve on Committees (should be turned in to the president 30 days prior to Annual Meeting)

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